Catering for you, we draw from local traditions of our multicultural city. Looking for inspiration, we use old recipes to create our own, new spin of culinary traditions of Lodz specially for you.
We use local, seasonal products and for that reason our menu changes seasonally.

 Autumn menu


Beef tatar (120g)
marinated mushrooms/pickled cucumber/marinated onion/French mustard/ anchovy/quail egg yolk
25,00 PLN

Vegetable tatar (80g) vege
vegebell pepper/pepperoni/fresh cucumber/zucchini/Dijon mustardfresh thyme/
orange flavored oil/honey/poached quail egg
18,00 PLN

Friend goose liver  (100g)
salad mix/apricot confiture/brandy
18,00 PLN

Homemade pâté with cranberries (120g)
18,00 PLN   
Goose liver mousse (80g)
toast/chopped egg
18,00 PLN  
Łódź style herrings (120g) vege
sour cream/apple/onion/bread/butter
14,00 PLN

Bałuty style herrings (120g) vege
14,00 PLN

Beetroot salad with beef (120g)
18,00 PLN


Royal cancer soup (250ml) vege
crayfish/lemon carpaccio
25,00 PLN

Chicken soup with homemade noodles (250ml)
15,00 PLN

Beetroot soup with homemade kalduny (250ml)
15,00 PLN

Onion soup a'la Stanisław Leszczyński with croutons (250ml) 
rough puff/gouda cheese
15,00 PLN

Pumpkin cream soup a'la prince (250ml) vege
pumpkin seed oil/roasted pumpkin seeds
15,00 PLN

Bell pepper and tomatocream soup (250ml) vege
goat cheese
15,00 PLN

Main dishes

Rabbid leg (120g)
potato bake/ baked beetroot/thyme cream sauce 
47,00 PLN 

Roasted sturgeon (150g) vege
Kaszotto from pearl barley/mushrooms/baby leaf spinach/pepperoni flavored oil
47,00 PLN 

Goose breast a'la Pampadur (200g)
mashed potato with horseradish/parsley salad/orange juice
47,00 PLN

Grilled pork tenderloins in bacon (120g)
grilled potato/beetroot salad/mushroom sauce
38,00 PLN  

French chicken (150g) 
potato Racuszki/papper chutney/roasted plum
26,00 PLN 

Rissole with onions (180g) 
boiled potatoes/cucumber salad with cream
26,00 PLN 

Pork goulash a'la Prince (250g) 
flageolet beans/toast from Pampuchy
26,00 PLN 

Stuffed bell pepper (200g) vege
eggplant/zucchini/bell pepper/tomatoes/gouda cheese
26,00 PLN 

Children's menu

  • Chicken soup with homemade noodles*
  • Tomato soup with homemade noodles*

  • Chicken nuggets with fries and raw carrot salad*
  • Grilled pork tenderloins with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad*

  • Ice cream with fruit or chocolate sauce*

* Choose one of the options from each above categories
 (soup + main dish + dessert).

Soup – (150ml)
Main dish – (250g)
Dessert – (60g)

The price of the set 20,00/PLN


Baked raspberries (100g)
18,00 PLN

Orange souffle (100g)
18,00 PLN

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce (140g)
18,00 PLN

Chocolate tart with scoop of nougat ice-cream  (120g)
18,00 PLN

Ice cream: marzipane, lavender, rose, violet (60g)
18,00 PLN

Ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream (100g)
18,00 PLN

Cold beverages

Lemonade (500ml) - 10,00 PLN
  • Lavender
  • Violet
  • Rose
  • Mint
  • Elderflower
Coca cola (250ml) - 7,00 PLN
Coca cola zero (250ml) - 7,00 PLN
Fanta (250ml) - 7,00 PLN
Sprite (250ml) - 7,00 PLN
Tonic kinley (250ml) - 7,00 PLN
Freshly squeezed juice (250ml) - 12,00 PLN
Cappy juices (250ml) - 8,00 PLN
Mineral water (330ml) - 7,00 PLN
Carafe of water (1000ml) - 12,00 PLN
Carafe of coca cola (1000ml) - 18,00 PLN
Carafe of juices (1000ml) - 20,00 PLN
Non-alcoholic beer (500ml) - 11,00 PLN

Hot beverages

  • Coffee - 8,00 PLN
  • Espresso (60ml) - 7,00 PLN
  • White coffee (200ml) - 9,00 PLN
  • Cappuccino (200ml) - 10,00 PLN

Tea Eilles
  • a pot (450ml) - 12,00 PLN
  • a cup (330ml) - 8,00 PLN
The approximate wait for dishes is about 25-30 minutes
For reservations for more than 10 people – 10% will be charged for the service.
Stary Rynek 2, 91-438 Łódź
restauracja @staryrynek2.pl
tel (42) 636 56 56, 731 62 00 42