Catering for you, we draw from local traditions of our multicultural city. Looking for inspiration, we use old recipes to create our own, new spin of culinary traditions of Lodz specially for you.
We use local, seasonal products and for that reason our menu changes seasonally.


Testing Menu

Testing Menu Carte Blanche

5 courses - 130 zł
7 courses - 160 zł

Testing menu is served from Tuesday to Friday. Tasting menu need to be booked while making the reservation. (at least one day in advance)


Pickled herring with buttermilk,
linseed oil and challah bread
30 zł

Beef tartar with lovage,
pickled rose petals and potato crisps
38 zł

Salad with broad beans and peas 
in butter emulsion with tarragon, 
 egg poche and flatbread
28 zł

Dumpling stuffed with duck, watermelon salad
with homemade duck ham
and madera wine jelly
30 zł


Cold bettroot soup with sour milk,
baked crayfish and boiled egg
28 zł

Mock turtle soup with veal,
pancake with wild garlic and truffle olive oil
24 zł

Creamy crayfish soup with tomatoes,
rillettes of crayfish necks 
and fresh herb salad
36 zł

Main dishes

Pork cheeks with cider
roasted leek, apple 
and pickled mustard
56 zł

Beef a la stroganoff
dumplings stuffed with mushrooms,
fried tomates

78 zł

Dumplings made of green peas 
and rosemary, bursztyn cheese 
and broad bean
32 zł 

Sturgeon fillet with sorrel cream,
poached egg and twist of lemon
60 zł

Pork tenderloin in  buckwheat honey 
with garlic, crayfish cream sauce 
and radish
56 zł

Duck leg  with lavender, 
citrus demi-glace sauce 
and smoked bacon
58 zł

Salmon souffle,
caramelized cauliflower puree
and dactyls with ginger
56 zł


Rhubarb with rum,
kogel-mogel and juniper sorbet
24 zł

Tapioca with whipped cream,
cherry and roasted coffee
24 zł

Puff with bergamot orange,
lime cream and pine needles
24 zł

Hot beverages

Espresso / doppio - 8  / 12 zł
Americano - 8 zł
Cappucino - 11 zł
Latte - 12 zł

Tea Eilles
A pot - 14 zł
A cup - 10 zł

Cold beverages

Lemonade (450ml) - 14 zł
Coca cola (250ml) - 8 zł
Tonic kinley (250ml) - 8 zł
Freshly squeezed juice (200ml) - 16 zł
Juices wiatrowy sad - 10 zł
Water Cisowianka (700ml) - 12 zł
Carafe of juices (1000ml) - 24 zł
We would like to kindly inform you that a service fee 10% of the bill is added to the table above 10 people.

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tel 731 620 042, 791 620 041