Us in a nutshell
Stary Rynek 2 is a cosy place where you can celebrate your special occasions as well as have a non-committal meeting in the heart of Lodz.

The uniqueness of our restaurant is provided by atmospheric decor, inspired by the prewar era, which for us is a synonym for better food, lifestyle, values and unusual ability to discover the charm of daily life.

Our cuisine is diverse and eclectic, just like the interwar period one, in which we combine Polish noble traditions, elements of borderland and Jewish cuisine with French flavours on the model of the previous generations.

We hope you will have a wonderful time visiting us. We will surely host you according to Lodz tradition, which is based on the premise that hospitality and food are ways of expressing feelings.
Stary Rynek 2, 91-438 Łódź
restauracja @staryrynek2.pl
tel 731 620 042, 791 620 041